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Kent Rich, President, Granite River Studios

Kent Rich

President (and so much more!)

Kent Rich is president, director of photography, technical director for events, and producer of short-form videos and television commercials. Clearly, with that title, he’s the man. His experience includes work as a video editor (15+ years), colorist, field audio technician, gaffer (“I love lighting!”), talent director, and voiceover artist. “There’s nothing like a beautiful shot and a well-told story. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.” He has seven kids and earned a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate at 45.

Sean Owen

Sean Owen

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Owen is our chief executive officer. He specializes in the development of marketing and business strategies, including omni-channel engagement. Sean’s business philosophy: “I love competing against myself, challenging the outcomes I get for every client.” His achievements have been recognized in national publications and by peer award groups, although for Sean, there is no greater reward than hearing a new client say, “We need you.”

Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson

Video Editor & Producer

Clay Johnson is a video editor and producer who specializes in animation and writing, with a special knack for conveying a story. “I love finding interesting ways to tell a story and figuring out which method tells that story best.” Clay’s love of storytelling permeates not only his work but his personal life too. “I’m a sucker for weird concept albums. If the music is catchy and the story is bizarre, I can’t get enough of it.”

Eric Ott

Creative Director

Eric Ott is a creative director who believes creative should be part of everything we touch. Eric wakes up every morning, fired up to bring ideas to life – whether through providing a creative spark for his team or getting his hands dirty on the project himself. Eric believes strongly in team collaboration as the best way to bring clients the best and most revolutionary ideas. In his spare time, he collects vinyls and seeks out new music. Overheard: “Yes, great music is still being made!”

Erik Ljungholm

Erik Ljungholm

Assistant Director of Photography

Erik Ljungholm is a cinematographer based in Maine. He has held positions on both sides of production as an editor and colorist, as well as DP, camera operator, and 1st AC focus puller. He loves the collaborative nature of film making, and says the best part of production is always learning. Whether it’s a crew member’s unique experience, or a business that’s sharing their story for the first time. At home he likes to spend time outdoors with his wife Aly, and their dog.
Amy Welch

Amy Welch

Director of Operations

Amy Welch is director of operations, with her focus being delivering projects on-time and on-budget. This drive extends to her personal life, as well. “I am constantly creating who I am based on where I’ve been and what I’ve learned along the way.” One surprising fact: she is uncannily accurate at dowsing for water.
James Basbas

James Basbas

Marketing Director

James Basbas is marketing director. His specialty is creating compelling visual stories and driving traffic to video content. “Customers choose to work with businesses and brands based on a personal connection. Engaging video creates and reinforces that connection.” One of his marketing campaigns generated 12 million impressions, 5,000 email acquisitions, and social growth of 500%. On the personal side of things, he was married in the Bahamas and has returned several times. 

Gus Welch


"Paw"duction Assistant

Gus,a.k.a Goo, a.k.a. Gusteau, a.k.a Gustufson, a.k.a Bat Pig, a.k.a Best Dog Ever, specializes in being the brand mascot. Areas of expertise include being photogenic, having selective hearing, and maintaining his world-class status as a farter, practitioner of frog leg sitting, and super snorer. “I do what I want.” A quirky fact about Gus is that he is completely composed of quirk. As a French Bulldog, he is walking attitude.  

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