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Capture perfection with video production services you'll love.

Video production is intense.

Lights, set designs, environments, actors, scripts, and special effects all make or break the final piece.

Checkout our variety of videos from testimonials to TV or digital commercials in our gallery. Video production is an art form, and we take planning, writing, shooting / video production, and postproduction seriously! TAKE ME TO THE BRAGGING!

Ken behind the scenes

if you have a vision or just an idea, Granite River studios is ready.

Chase that perfect shot.

From storyboard to filming and postproduction, the G River team is ready to make your next marketing video an award winner.

Let's just say...whether it's a series of social posts, a network tv ad, or an event video...Granite River Studios is the creator.

Binge-worthy content.

Interested in learning more about how our team approaches video production projects? Check out our blog for great tips, tricks, and overall creative ways to shoot and capture video. Our postproduction experts also weigh in on the use of animation, postproduction techniques, and trends. As an added bonus, our marketing partners also share how to maximize your investment in video through social, OTT ads, and other outlets. 


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Check out a world where video says it all..

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At Granite River Studios, we focus on video production, planning, and postproduction. You will enjoy a professional team of videographers married with storytellers who can imagine your next television commercial, digital video campaign, or simply tons of great social video content. It’s obvious that video is winning the content engagement game. Our job is to help you discover new ways to both acquire and produce great videos, while also maximizing where and how you use it. Our team of digital marketers are experts at gaining exposure through video. Chat with our team for your next video! We are New Hampshire’s premiere video production service provider.