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Video Production vs. Video Marketing: Which Is Best for Your Brand?

As digital content creation evolves, an increasing number of companies are embracing video solutions to meet their objectives, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Research from Wyzowl – one of the world’s leading creators of animated explainer videos – shows that explainer videos aid product understanding for 96% of consumers, and 88% are influenced to buy by brand videos. However, as companies delve into video production and marketing, they face various challenges in finding the right solutions.

Mastering the nuances of different video content terms is crucial for navigating the realm of digital media marketing. Once you’re familiar with the fundamentals, you’ll be equipped to inquire effectively, strategize for your business objectives, and identify the most suitable options for outsourcing your video requirements.

What is Video Production?

Video production is about making videos. It involves deciding what type of video to make, selecting equipment, writing a script, choosing editing software, and completing post-production tasks. The goal is to create visually appealing videos that tell a compelling story.

Companies with an in-house marketing team can benefit greatly from video production. While both video marketers and producers ensure quality, many projects suffer from a lack of strategy. If you’re uncertain about the type of video you need, your goals for it, or where to distribute it digitally, it’s best to engage a video marketing company.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing focuses on leveraging visuals to connect with target audiences, utilizing platforms like YouTube and Facebook and employing advertising techniques such as SEO and SEM. The aim is to create engaging campaigns that maximize viewer engagement and outreach.

While video production companies also ensure quality, video marketing agencies provide a more comprehensive approach. They collaborate with you to establish your video objectives, devise strategies, produce the video, and assist with implementation. Understanding your target audience and the video’s purpose is key to receiving tailored assistance from a video marketing company. If you’re uncertain where to begin, these experts will guide you through the process to achieve your goals.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In essence, video production involves creating compelling visuals with a narrative and aesthetic focus, whereas video marketing involves using these visuals to connect with target audiences. Understanding this difference is crucial for successful video projects. By employing a solid strategy and prioritizing quality content, businesses can harness both production and marketing services to achieve impactful outcomes.

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