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New Look, Same Great Work

"It's like looking in the mirror!"

We specialize in the fine art of emotional and visual storytelling and our personalities are big and bold…why should our brand be anything less? In order to grow, sometimes you’ve got to rebrand. Thus, we present to you our new look.


Our visual storytelling is obvious from the start, with the “G” being the central part of the logo. Taking that single element and looking at it a little differently, i.e., tipping it on its side, automatically brings to mind the image of a natural wave. Waves represent motion and, what is video, if not motion? Speaking of motion, have you seen our sizzle reel featured on our home-page?


You want big and bold? You go bright with dark. Most videos start dark and then you’re whisked away into a scene that contains some sort of light or color. Yellow is bold and bright, and, against that classic black background, you’re held for a moment in anticipation.

New look. Same great work. This is our mark.

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