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GRS Highlights New Hampshire Military Affairs and Veterans Services

“Ask the Question” Campaign Addresses Healthcare Quality Issue for Veterans

Granite River Studios (GRS) was selected by the Department of Military and Veteran Services (DMAVS) for the filming and production of its 10-part “Ask the Question” campaign.  The campaign aims to create awareness for military families that are seeking help, as well as create awareness for healthcare workers to improve the quality of care for NH veterans.  

Creating Awareness in Healthcare 

Over 100,000 veterans live in New Hampshire, yet only 30,000 receive their healthcare at the VA Medical Center. The “Ask the Question” campaign was designed to educate and engage civilian service providers to better understand and provide support to care for our veterans. The 10-part video series discusses why providers should ask the question: “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?” and is designed to supplement the DMAVS “Ask the Question” Toolkit. For more information about the campaign, watch our introduction video below.

“There was nothing done by accident in this series,” explained Kent Rich, founder of GRS, “Everything was thought out and put in on purpose – every word, every frame, and every image.” 

GRS wanted to call attention to the military theme. This was achieved through extensive lighting details.  See how the final set design and lighting come together in the final production video below.

A key component of this project was putting the subjects at ease to be able to tell their stories in a comfortable and authentic way. Amy Cook, former Executive Director of Department of Military and Veteran Services explains how GRS created that atmosphere: 

“I was extremely satisfied with not only the finished product, but also the quality of the process and the level of customer service. Kent and his team produced outcomes on budget, met every deadline, and communicated clearly and in advance so we could prepare accordingly. Granite River Studios went above and beyond our expectations in every way.” 

Telling a story in front of a camera does not come naturally to everyone. The GRS team made sure that Nicole L. Sawyer, PsyD, was confident in front of the camera while telling the story of Lieutenant Colonel, Stephanie Riley. To find out more, watch the full story here. 

“As a veteran, this hits home for me,” said Kent Rich, founder of GRS. “It can be hard to transition from deployment to stateside or separation, and they should not feel they have to do it alone. Thanks to Lt. Col. Riley and many like her, they don’t have to. I’m honored to have been selected to produce the “Ask the Question” video series for fellow veterans.” 

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