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Holiday Video Production for New Hampshire Liquor Commission

Granite River Studios Produces NHLC Holiday Video Series

"New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet was looking to take its retail promotion to the next level"

After a very successful holiday campaign the previous year that centered around a holiday guide, New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet was looking to take its retail promotion to the next level. They engaged with Granite River Studios for the planning, execution, and production of the ‘Tis The Season” holiday video series.

This was a great opportunity for Granite River Studios to provide a full-service experience, working with the client from the concepting phase all the way through post-production. Granite River worked with the client to help understand what the target audience was and the messaging that they were looking to promote. Collaboratively, they developed a holiday video series that included the following videos:

• ‘Tis The Season for Wine & Spirits
• 12 Days of Gift Giving
• Waldorf Cocktail
• Holiday Punch
• ‘Tis The Season for Simplicity
• New Year’s Eve Cocktail

The GRS team was involved in the brainstorming/concepting stage, taking the client’s goals and developing a strategy to reach and achieve those goals. From there, scripts and storyboards were developed. Talent was hired, locations were scouted, and filming was executed. Finally in post-production content was created to be used in OTT advertising, social media posting, in-outlet marketing, and featured on the website and YouTube.

The videos have been a tremendous success, driving traffic to the website, retail locations, and growing YouTube subscriptions. Brand partners will continue to monitor sales reports to understand the total lift driven by this project.

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