Elevating Advertising Impact: Unleashing the Potential of Video Impressions

Video Billboard Impressions

In the dynamic landscape of advertising, making a memorable impression on the audience is the ultimate pursuit. Brands explore a plethora of channels – from traditional print and radio to digital platforms – in search of the most effective way to communicate. Amidst this pursuit, video advertising emerges as a powerhouse, boasting not only higher […]

Top 12 Places to Stick Your Video

Video Marketing Channels Image

Video production planned properly can yield several versions of video content in postproduction which can in turn be used in several marketing channels.

48% More Engagement with Motion – Use Video Marketing

Video billboards in Times Square

The difference between static images and video has a massive impact on your results. As attention spans decrease and competition for users’ time intensifies, businesses must employ strategies that stand out from the crowd. Among the myriad of content types available, two have emerged as frontrunners in driving engagement: videos and static photography. Visual productions […]

Maximizing Video Production: Crafting Multi-Channel Content

Granite River Studios crew on set of a film shooting location interviewing a golfer with golfs carts behind him.

In today’s digital landscape, video marketing has become an indispensable tool for businesses and marketers to engage their audiences effectively. With various channels available for content distribution, video production teams must adopt efficient workflows to optimize their investment and ensure their videos reach and resonate with viewers across different platforms. In this blog post, we […]

Bright Ideas: How Video Lighting Enhances Final Production

Professional videography equipment and lighting gear inside a professional film studio located in New Hampshire with an orange border on all sides.

Lighting is a crucial element in video production that can make or break the final cut. Whether you’re shooting a film, a corporate video, a commercial, or a simple vlog, lighting plays a significant role. In this post we’re going to shed some light on successful strategies, and explore five reasons why lighting is important […]

GRS Highlights New Hampshire Military Affairs and Veterans Services

Ask the question

“Ask the Question” Campaign Addresses Healthcare Quality Issue for Veterans Granite River Studios (GRS) was selected by the Department of Military and Veteran Services (DMAVS) for the filming and production of its 10-part “Ask the Question” campaign.  The campaign aims to create awareness for military families that are seeking help, as well as create awareness […]

Vertical Videos – Why your brand needs them

Emoji representing a like button to the left of a drawing of an iphone.

In recent years, the rise of mobile devices and social media platforms has led to a shift in the way that we consume video content. With most social media usage happening on mobile, the popularity of vertical video has skyrocketed, and many social media platforms now support this format. Let’s explore why this format is […]

G River Open House Takes Attendees Backstage

Actor being filmed in a New Hampshire based professional video production studio with a crowd watching and standing behind the camera.

Granite River Studios recently hosted a successful event with a packed house in Derry, New Hampshire. We saw video robots, massive digital walls, podcast spaces, and more. “It was a successful evening showcasing G River’s capabilities and how our clients can benefit from having access to the largest video production space in New England. It […]