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Blogs & Videos: How and Why They Go Together

Video content has become a pivotal medium for information sharing and consumption. According to a survey by Wyzowl, people now spend an average of 19 hours per week watching online videos, up from 8.5 hours in 2018. Sharing of videos has also doubled compared to other online content types. Notably, 73% of individuals prefer watching short videos to learn about products or services, compared to 11% who prefer reading articles.

Given the popularity of videos, bloggers can leverage them effectively without reinventing the wheel. Integrating videos into existing marketing channels is key. With over 570 million blogs and 77% of internet users reading them daily, adding videos can significantly enhance a blog’s visibility.

Here’s how bloggers can capitalize on video content:

  1. Tutorials: Incorporate videos to enhance instructional content, utilizing screen recording tools for demonstrations.
  2. Video Summaries: Provide concise video summaries of blog posts to capture time-pressed audiences or those preferring written content.
  3. Vlogs: Use videos as standalone posts or to complement written content, ensuring each video provides a brief introduction.
  4. About Us Videos: Engage audiences personally by introducing the faces and voices behind the blog through simple “About Us” videos.
  5. Unique Content: Share unique offerings such as product reviews, travel clips, or recipe demonstrations tailored to your niche.

Adding videos to a blog is simple: embed YouTube links into webpages, ensuring customization for seamless integration. Signal video content in titles by adding ‘(Video)’. Maintain video quality by investing in stability equipment, microphones for clear audio, and adequate lighting. Horizontal filming is recommended for blog-quality content.

Video marketing is a crucial strategy in today’s digital landscape. Its rapid rise in popularity over recent years indicates its enduring relevance. Integrating video content into your blog can expand your audience reach, distinguish your blog, and increase sharing. Regardless of your niche, there are various ways to incorporate unique video content that complements and enhances your existing blog offerings.

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