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National & Local NH Video Production

Educate, train and inspire your audience with elegant high definition video productions from Granite River Studios.

We focus on producing high-end corporate, commercial, and nonprofit training, educational, and promotional videos, documentaries, and broadcast advertising spots. Your focus may be along these lines or perhaps you just need a better way to tell a story or grab people’s attention.

Many smaller businesses and nonprofits in New Hampshire feel challenged to afford high quality video production. We understand that every project has a maximum budget and we can make great things happen, even within a limited scope. Whether you need a full scale storytelling video production or a simple “talking head” narrative, Granite River Studios works with you make your video as effective and impactful as possible.

HD Video Production

Sharp, crisp, moving images in high definition suspend reality and draw your audience in to truly experience your message. Granite River Studios offers technically advanced HD video production services. We only shoot using high-end cameras and digitally enhance the final work in our state-of-the-art production studio. We invite you to view our demo reel to see this level of quality for yourself.

You can take advantage of a world-class video production company right here in New Hampshire. A deeper look into our specific offerings can help you better understand the full suite of services. Please scroll to the service links below for more detailed information that breaks out our various HD video production services. You’ll find out why our clients are using video that has people talking!

Training Video Production

Educate your staff and associates regarding procedures and best practices in a way that engages and inspires them. When training your audience with video, it’s essential to identify your training goals and clearly convey the edifying information. It’s also crucial for you to capture the language and organizational culture of your industry and workplace.

Throughout the production process, we immerse ourselves in your business and organizational model. While you know the goals for your training project, we have the experience to help you bring the most effective pedagogy to any training project. This results in a training tool that truly engages your employees and associates as you fully consider their needs and challenges in the production process.

Educational Video Production

The successful production of educational videos — from preschool programs to post-secondary or graduate programs —requires a strong understanding of learning theory and basic communication skills. Educational videos are generally considered as a series and rely on not only the personality and native knowledge of the “teacher,” but also on the sophistication of the video presentation.

Working with educational consultants, Granite River Studios can bring the latest thinking about virtual learning modalities to your local or online educational initiatives. We always seek to engage with our client-partners in an ever-unfolding educational presentation that reflects all the possibilities of the virtual classroom, and the learning needs of the audience. We can also bring a high level of entertainment value to the mix, as needed, to maintain a strong connection with students.

Promotional Video Production

We produce promotional videos that get measurable results. Our top-notch camera and light work combined with expertise in the latest motion graphics software are a given, just to meet our high production standards. Our marketing communications experience distinguishes our work and helps you create videos that convey your precise message to differentiate your brand with style and distinction.

Advances in production technology have made video production available to a wider range of organizations than ever before. Video is no longer just for big companies with big budgets. We’ve proven that even the smallest companies can look large and compete in the global marketplace by taking advantage of excellent broadcast video production services from Granite River Studios.

Television advertising can be highly effective for many kinds of businesses. You can get your message in front of either a broad or specific target audience. We create engaging, high impact 30 or 60 second TV spots that are affordable for many small businesses. If you want your brand or other message on the air, we’ll help you get it there. It’s always great when you hear people say, “I saw your ad on TV!”

Live Production - Streaming Video

Video is now! You can broadcast live to the world over the Internet and we can help. Granite River Studios offers you full capabilities to live-stream your event in real time, either to a select group or via a publically available link. Whether you hold sales meetings, webinars, training sessions or even remote coaching sessions, Granite River Studios can bring your event to anyone in the world – as it happens. We encourage you to call us if you’re considering Live Production Video for your business. We’re happy to answer your questions about this exciting communications opportunity.

Motions Graphics / 3D Animation

Your videos can be enhanced with our full graphics capabilities. Very often, adding the right kind of moving graphics is an important part of making a video come alive. We provide this work in-house with After Effects and Motion. When it comes to high-end 3D animation, we’ve created strong business relationships with some of the best 3D animators in the business. When the time comes to execute “the creative,” your imagination is the only limit.

B-Roll / Still Photography

Almost every video project requires some still photography, and some projects also require stock video footage or stills. Still photography can be helpful, particularly if you wish to include specific images of people, products or locations. When shooting video is deemed unnecessary and/or cost prohibitive, we’ll work with you and our photographers to get the right stills needed to make the video production all that it can be with the available production assets.

Specialized Camera Work

Granite River Studios also offers DP (Director of Photography) services to get the shots you need. Some of these may include Steadicam services, dolly/jib and tracking shots. We shoot using a variety of cameras, depending on what the project calls for.

Additional Services


Like other projects, the best videos begin with a plan. Video Scriptwriting is an art that brings spoken narration, and video/audio together with the overall visual plan. Listening carefully and getting deep into your strategy and vision, we can provide professional scriptwriting services that tell your story – with the right emotional tone essential to shaping the foundation of an effective and creative production. Our writers are skilled in composing voiceover narration, direct spoken narration and actor scripts.

Project Management / Administration

While some of our clients prefer to take on the project management role, Granite River Studios can provide all the administrative functions and scheduling that make the production process run smoothly. If you’re too busy to manage the details of your video project, you can count on us to handle everything for you!

DVD Design & Replication

Once you have a creative, finished video production, you need to distribute it! Never settle for a piece of bland packaging or poorly replicated CDs that tend to skip in some players. Granite River Studios is always happy to provide quality duplication or replication services; one copy or 10,000 copies, we’ll get you whatever you need.

Please view our demo reel and see our production services in action. Our customer satisfaction rating sings praise to our successful projects. We believe that you too will love the results of working with us.

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