NH Video Production Services

While Granite River Studios excels at high-end corporate, commercial, and nonprofit training, educational, and promotional videos, documentaries, and broadcast spots, we also offer our services to those operating on a much more limited budget.

So many smaller businesses and nonprofits feel they can’t afford a quality video production. We understand that every project has a budget, and we can make it work. Through our strong and long-standing contractual relationships with some of the best marketing communications talent available today, you won't have to worry about hidden costs in any project.

View our demo reel and see our production services in action. Our customer satisfaction rating is exemplary. You won’t be disappointed.

HD Video Production

Granite River offers the latest in advanced HD video production services. Look at the associated demo reel to see this work in action.

But here, we'll break down the basic HD video production services we offer, and briefly explain why we end up with productions that have folks talking.

Training Video Production

When you are training your staff with video, it's essential to have a tool that not only meets your basic training goals, but also captures the language and organizational culture of your industry sector and workplace.

Throughout the production process, our staff immerses themselves in your business/organizational model. While you know the goals of the training project, we are here to help you bring the most effective pedagogical and training methodologies to any training project.

The result is always a training tool that will have your employees feeling like you fully considered their needs and challenges in the production process.

Educational Video Production

The successful production of educational videos — from preschool programs to post-secondary or graduate programs —requires a strong understanding of learning theory and basic communication skills. Educational videos are generally considered as a series, and rely on not only the personality and native knowledge of the “teacher,” but also on the sophistication of the video presentation.

Working with educational consultants, Granite River Studios can bring the latest thinking about virtual learning modalities to your local or online educational initiatives. We always seek to engage with our client-partners in an ever-unfolding educational presentation that reflects all the possibilities of the virtual classroom, and the learning needs of the audience. We can also often bring a high level of entertainment value to the mix.

Promotional Video Production

We've worked throughout the region creating promotional videos that get results. By utilizing tried and true camera and light work, and the latest in motion graphics software, we can create videos that are easily differentiated from the rest.

Advances in production technology have made video production more available to a wider range of organizations than ever before. Video is no longer just for big companies with big budgets. We’ve proven that even the smallest companies can look big, and compete in the global marketplace.

Broadcast Video Production. Television is the preferred medium of many businesses to get their name in front of a specific target audience. We can create a quality :30 or :60 spot that won’t break the bank.

Motion Graphics/3D Animation

Graphics capabilities are an important part of making a video come alive. Most all graphics work is done in-house with After Effects and Motion, and when it comes to 3D, we’ve created partnerships with some of the best 3D animators in the business.


It all begins with a plan… Scriptwriting is an art that brings spoken narration, and video/audio together with the overall visual plan. We can provide the professional scriptwriting services that are essential in shaping the foundation of an effective and creative production.

Project Management/Administration

While often our clients assume this role, Granite River can provide all the administrative functions and scheduling that make the production process run smoothly. If you’re too busy to manage the project, you can count on us!

B-Roll/Still Photography

Almost every video project requires some still photography, and some projects also require stock video footage or stills. Still photography can be helpful if you wish to include particular people or locations and shooting video is deemed unnecessary and/or cost prohibitive. We’ll work with you and our photographers to get the stills needed to make the production be all that it can be.

DVD Design & Replication

Once you have a creative, finished video production, the work doesn't stop there. The worst thing possible for a creative production is a piece of bland packaging or an incompatible disc that tends to skip in different types of players. Whether it’s duplication or replication, 1 copy or 10,000 copies, we can get you whatever you need.

Specialized Camera Work

Granite River can also offer DP (Director of Photography) services to get the shots you need. Some of these include Steadicam services, dolly/jib and tracking shots. We shoot on a variety of cameras, depending on what the project calls for, including a Red ONE camera.