Message from Kent Rich

"We don't want to just meet your needs, we want to exceed them."
- Kent Rich

First of all, I’m genuinely pleased that you’re exploring our site, and took the time to learn more about our services. If you’re reading this, you’re interested in learning more about me, which is flattering in and of itself. Hey, this could be the beginning of a new professional relationship.

I encourage you to contact me and let me know (all e-mails from the “Contact Us” form come directly to me) what’s on your mind. I’m generally able to respond to most inquiries within a day or so. If you don’t hear from me immediately, leave me a message on my cell (603.568-7623).

My professional background is a bit non-traditional, in that I didn’t set out in my younger days to become a film-maker/producer. While having a lifelong passion for movies and music, I took a more circuitous route to where I am today. I have come to strongly believe that taking “the road less traveled” can not only lead to wonderful things, but also be the basis of extraordinary creativity.

Before I created Granite River, my professional life was shaped by two important experiences.

  • Eleven years in the United States Air Force, where I served in Operation Desert Storm as an Airborne Maintenance Technician for electronic surveillance systems.

  • A systems engineering career in the high-flying Internet and telecom industries of the 1990s.

These experiences provided me with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in digital technology, and I have continued to be engaged with all the technological developments that emerged from this period. More importantly, I learned a lot about how large and small organizations function. I guess you could say that I developed a high level of patience with bureaucracies.

While I appreciate the fast-paced and “get it done” imperatives that can characterize many of our projects today, I’ve learned — and Granite River Studio fully embraces — that planning and input from everyone involved makes the final product that much more successful. Ultimately, the effectiveness of any final video production product is all about the process. Granite River Studios is here for you. We encourage you to engage with us in creating a video statement about your organization, your product, your goals… but mostly your passion.

I’ll be in touch.


Kent Rich